Russian dream: security, prosperity and Eurasian development. Evgeny Grachikov

Evgeny Grachikov — PhD in political science, Assistant professor, Department of political science, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Dream (American, European, Chinese ets) is a description of a national ideology uniting the nationals of a country. The American Dream is associated with concepts such as personal freedom and entrepreneurship, self-made person, reputation and the transition from one social class to another higher. Chinese Dream — a revival of the nation and building a society of good welfare. And what is the Russian dream?

Russian culture in the broadest sense (economic, political, military, diplomatic) has more than thousand-year history of development. Throughout its history, Russia has always been subjected to foreign (mostly Western) aggression. Even today, Russia is under US and the EU sanctions, which Russians assess as economic war against Russia. Therefore, for Russia state security is the main goal not only of its defense policy but the whole nation. In this context it is easy to understand the logic of Russia’s behaviour related to the strengthening of its army, the return of the Crimea to Russia, defending the interests of national security in Syria. The peculiarity of the national security policy of Russia in the 21st century is the fact that many of the actions it undertook in response to the unfriendly steps of the West which did not take into account the national interests of Russia.

Undergoing in the 20 century two world wars and lost tens of millions of people Russia want to live in peace and in a world where no one tells it how to live and what values to practice. So peace and prosperity — the main dream of every family in the Russian Federation. Over the last fifteen years Russia has made impressive progress in its economic development, significantly increased the well-being of its citizens. Russian tourists can be found in almost every country of the world. Youth of Russia receives the best education. The quality of education confirms the fact that in Silicon Valley of the States operates 30 thousand of Russian scientists.

Eurasian Development — is a time constant of Russian foreign policy in the past and in the foreseeable future. Although Russia is among the ten most developed economies in the world it has no economic impact of global dimension. The main directions of economic development are Europe and Asia, so the Eurasian Development — is a natural vector of development of Russia. Priorities of geoeconomical development today depend on Russia’s partners. Now largely under the influence of sanctions Russia is rapidly turning towards the East.

As we can see Russian and Chinese dream is largely the same, and they are very different from the American one. Common historical destiny, common traditional values, common worldview do Russia and China of global natural friends and allies. In today’s geopolitical situation, Russia and China will join efforts to achieve their Dreams.


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