This site is for people who by the nature of their work are constantly faced with China and need to understand the intricacies of geopolitics of this great empire, its origins, concepts, strategies and, most importantly, learn something useful and practical. Now this is especially true for many Russian organizations that interact directly with China and during the elaboration of the Russian position need to take into account and sometimes have to take into account the national interests of China.

Of course, the site is addressed to the scientific community and, above all, fellow sinologists who are not fully included geopolitical perspective in the scope of their interests. Hundreds of publications in Russian and English versions of the Internet search systems, with rare exceptions, have little to do with the theory and practice of geopolitics of modern China. The content of this site is based on the dissertation and monographic studies of Zhang Shiping, Ye Zicheng, Sun Xiangdong, Lou Yaoliang, Li Yihu, Yuan Peng, Li Mingning and many other scientists who have become classics of the modern Chinese school of geopolitics. One of the goals of the site is to make available to all interested the basic geopolitical theories and concepts of China, it’s conception of the world order, the identity of China in the world politics.

Another objective of the site is to educate students and graduate students. Especially for them elaborated a curriculum on geopolitics of China, introduced such headings as the “bibliography in Chinese”, “Chinese-Russian dictionary of geopolitical terms”, “texts in Chinese language” (for various geo-political problems, especially for those that are difficult to obtain) “list of diploma and master’s theses topics.”

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